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APCA Members Discussion Forums
These are private discussion forums for APCA Members who want discuss the business of being a personal chef with their peers exchanging ideas, marketing tips, recipes and other resources.
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Private Discussion Forum - General
A discussion forum for general topics which is restricted for active members of the American Personal Chef Association.
Virtual Water Cooler
A place to do the "victory dance", vent, or just hang out with your colleagues.
Recipes for Succe$$
Tried and True Personal Chef Recipe Source and Exchange.
Sources and Resources
This is the place for the passing of resource information such as insurance, web link resources, and other such resource annoucements. Also, where to find those useful - appropriate - Personal Chef Tools and Supplies.
Personal Chef Summits
A special forum for members to gather and discuss plans and logistics for the upcoming Personal Chef Summit 2013 in Baltimore at Stratford University School of Culinary Arts October 10-12, 2013. For more details visit
Special Diets
Looking for info, websites or recipes for a Special Program? Here's a great place to share the info on the Atkins Diet, The Zone Program, Low Fat, Low-Salt, etc.
Fees, Pricing and Costs
This forum is a compilation of archived threads and posts discussing pricing, fees and costing of various services offered by personal chef businesses. A GREAT forum for newbies to the business.
Tips and Techniques
Tips, Facts & Just Plain Common Sense Information about the art, science and practice of a personal chef.
Marketing and Promotion
This discussion forum is a compilation of posts from the Members Only Forum about personal chef business marketing, advertising and promotion. Lots of innovative ideas and some old "tried and true" ways to get client contacts.
Container and Packaging
This is restricted to discussions on a frequently discussed topics on containers and packaging for personal chefs. Another great place for the new personal chef to start and for the experienced personal chefs to reference.
Techie Stuff
The place to address questions and tips on general personal computer software and Windows issues. For specific issues, questions, and HELP for Personal Chef Office please use the software's HelpDesk, Help!, or video tutorials.
Wine Appreciation
This private discussion forum is for Active APCA members who wish to learn more about wine appreciation and/or who are looking for menu-item-specific wine pairing recommendations to pass along to their clients.
Personal Chef Web Design & Hosting
A discussion forum for information and instruction on the process of getting an effective custom Web site for active members of the American Personal Chef Association.
Private Chefs Discussion Forum
A discussion forum specifically for private chefs and related business and networking for those chefs who are employed as a private chef. Restricted to members of the American Personal & Private Chef Association.
Internet Fraud Issues
A place to discuss all things like SPAM, SCAMs, Viruses, and risky things on the Internet.
Serving Senior Clients
Discussion on the special needs and challenges of serving our senior clients.
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